Sunday, May 30, 2021

Habakkuk and Prayer

Today about Habakkuk Mark Chew did share
Focusing on different perspectives of prayer

Like Job, Habakkuk did to the Lord complain
He shared his feelings and expressed pain
Looking at verse seventeen of chapter three
Habakkuk spoke of no sheep and a barren tree
This was a fair assessment of the situation
He was being real with God in his frustration
But in verse eighteen, Habakkuk then rejoiced
“I will be joyful in God my Savior”, he voiced
Implying quite clearly that he did speak in faith
Knowing that God is able, Pastor Mark sayeth
Habakkuk goes even further in verse nineteen
He will rely on God’s strength, it is clearly seen
By doing so, a mountain can look like a molehill
As this is effectively submitting to the Lord's will

As I contemplated Pastor Mark’s observations
It seems this is applicable to earthly relations
Share our feelings, both positive and frustrations
Be real with the assessments of our situations
Trust God has given talents to all His creations
These enable us to restore and build foundations

Friday, April 2, 2021

2 April 2021 - Good Friday

Many words have been shared about Good Friday
There are hundreds of messages for us to take away
The day reminds us that Jesus suffered much pain
During his trials and on the cross again and again
Jesus did all that for us, willingly atoning for our sin
Even though He was God’s only son, the next of kin
I am thankful yet saddened, as I am guilty I know
This is increasingly evident as my faith does grow

Jesus’ last words convey strong messages as well
Seven phrases from the cross, the four gospels tell
In Luke twenty three, forgiveness Jesus does imbue
“Father, forgive them for they know not what they do”
And a few verses later comes the promise of salvation
Said to the criminal but applicable for all of creation
The importance of relationship is quite clearly seen
“Woman, behold thy son” He said in John nineteen
Jesus felt abandonment, asking why God did forsake
A point Matthew twenty seven and Mark fifteen make
Beyond emotions, Jesus’ physical distress was severe
In John nineteen, Jesus saying “I thirst” others did hear
The magnitude of His triumph cannot be diminished
A mere two verses later, He stated that “it is finished”
A promised reunion with God, per Luke twenty three
“Father, into thy hands I commit my spirit” we do see 

I derive a message when I contemplate those seven
A reminder of some of what God offers from heaven
God promises forgiveness, salvation, and a relationship
Even when we feel abandonment and distress on life’s trip
Then Jesus’ triumph on the cross and His resurrection
Promise us a reunion with God instead of condemnation 

Monday, September 28, 2020

27 September 2020 - ENCS

On Braving the Hidden Epdemic, Pastor Joey did speak
Because the health of our minds is something to seek
Millions in the world are already suffering from depression
Some say this could triple due to covid-related oppression

A spectrum goes from healthy to disordered to dangerous
Pastor Joey then referred to chapter three from Exodus
A bush burning but not consumed is what he aimed for
The outside may look ok, but the inside matters more

Per Second Timothy one, God didn't give us a spirit of fear
But the power of love and a sound mind, we did then hear
Our brain is quite light but lots of energy it does consume
Like a computer’s memory and CPU, Joey does presume

Our minds contain memories, intellect, and imagination
Knowledge, understanding, and wisdom from cogitation
Despite walking in the flesh as do all women and men
The war we wage is different, per Second Corinthians ten

Joey said that we need to be vigilant for reasons three
First, we are at war especially with those we do not see
Second, we must our divinely-powered weapons know
And we must destroy anti-God arguments that do show

Per Jeremiah twenty three, God’s word is like a fire
So let the lies be broken by His words which are higher
Third, per Second Corinthians ten, know our strategy 
Every thought should be captive to obey God, we see

Per Romans twelve two, even though it may be the norm
Paul says to the world’s pattern we should not conform
This means by earthly standards we should not be moulded 
Nor to the methods of this world should our values be folded

Instead we should be transformed by a renewal of the mind
Beyond reformed, in the right place things should be aligned
Joey added that just like a garden, we should renew and test 
Because per Romans twelve, God’s will is definitely the best

Monday, September 21, 2020

20 September 2020 - ENCS

Today Pastor Joey spoke about the topic of health
Most sermons focus on our souls, minds, or wealth
But given the environment we are living in today
Look at what Ecclesiastes nine four has to say
That anyone who is among the living has hope
So staying physically healthy helps us to cope

Related to our bodies, there are two extremes
The body obsessed, preoccupied even in dreams
The body abused, who neglect most of the time
We must find the appropriate balanced paradigm
This relates to choices, looks, nutrition, and rest
Coming up with what is right and what is best

Per oft quoted First Corinthians six verse nineteen
Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, it is seen
A temple is where we meet God, so holy and pure
Our bodies belong to Jesus, His death did procure
Per Ephesians two, we are God’s workmanship
To do His good works, our bodies He did equip

On what defines our bodies, Pastor then did talk
Essence, value, and purpose in our earthly walk
Our bodies and behaviour should honour God
Taking care of our bodies is more than a facade

We must also fill our bodies, per Acts chapter two
To get the Holy Spirit, to repent is what we must do
Acknowledging God and under His influence being
Per Ephesians five, this is actually be quite freeing

Unlike alcohol which if drunk too much can debilitate
The Spirit is unlimited and always is a positive state
Out of Spirit flows living water rivers, per John seven
This is a promise directly from the Son of heaven 

Walking by the Spirit is different, per Galatians five
We must be decisive so the Spirit’s fruits come alive
Be determined as those fruits take time to mature
The result will be both health and holiness for sure
And be dependent on the Spirit by keeping in step
That is without a doubt the best type of health prep

Monday, September 14, 2020

13 September 2020 - ENCS

Pastor Josh spoke on the topic of destiny Sunday
Doing one thing very well is the key, he did say
If about ourself and others we speak correctly
Then God’s destiny will come to pass directly

Per Psalm thirty three, God’s word led to creation
We are all made in His image so by extrapolation
Our words have power per Proverbs eighteen
Death and life come from the tongue, it is seen

About the power of the tongue, James three talks
Akin to how a bridle impacts how a horse walks
Josh also said ships are guided by a small rudder
How large fires get started, it makes me shudder

So since our words can determine our direction
We should thus aim to utilise them in perfection
Children often look to parents for their identity
Parents need to be extra careful, as they see

An old story about his daughter, Josh did share
Unable to do math, “i’m dumb” she did declare
Josh realised that saying nothing would affirm
He said she was smart, helping her long term

Mouths can bring either a curse or a blessing
The former is of course extremely distressing
Like a water fountain with good water and bad
The chance of poison is not a chance to be had

Our tongue problem is really one of our heart
As Matthew chapter twelve to us does impart
Guard your heart per Proverbs four twenty three
For everything flows from it, we can all see

Some end up letting hardened be their heart
From God, that ends up alienating and apart
For ignorance creeps in, per Ephesians four
Then our mouths speak arrogantly even more

The better way is to allow our hearts to heal
Per Psalm thirty four, God’s presence is real
In Psalm one forty seven, wisdom is imparted
God binds wounds, healing the brokenhearted

Josh referred to Philippians four re our role
Rejoicing in God always should be our goal
And if we pray, meditate, proclaim, fellowship
We will not be anxious through our life’s trip

Friday, April 24, 2020

24 April 2020 - Anxiety

Anxiety should never be underestimated
It leaves individuals struggling and debilitated
Anxiety comes in many forms and is not gentle
Be it physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental
Each individual’s battle is naturally unique
But we are not alone, and definitely not weak

As Asaph wrote in Psalm number seventy three
“God is the strength of my heart” we do see
And even if “my flesh and my heart may fail”
God’s strength and plans will always prevail
So on His presence and people, let me rely
Also to help others rid their anxiety goodbye

Sunday, April 12, 2020

12 April 2020 - Easter

As the morning sun rises in the eastern sky
Jesus’ resurrection we celebrate and magnify
For our sins, we understand He chose to die
For our eternal life, He returned to sanctify

Without His life, how to live we would not know
Without His death, to heaven we would not go
Without His resurrection, victory goes to the foe
Without His love, to others we could not show

So here’s wishing a large blessed Easter call
For despite the covid-19-linked gloom and pall
Stopping us from eating out or going to the mall
Jesus’ resurrection is truly good news for all